Sarah Gywnne

  • Position: Teacher
Sarah's passion for dancing began at the age of 5. Upon her own request to her supportive parents. She spent the next 9 years expanding her skills and knowledge in Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Cheerleading, Jazz and Hip Hop. Completing numerous CSTD and ATOD examinations. Sarah began competing in competitions at the age of 12 resulting in some outstanding placings. She continued to enjoy and focus on dance throughout highschool and choreographing large scale productions. At 18 to her disappointment she sustained an injury that forced a break from her passion. After a four year break she returned to dance with the inspiration given to her by Talent Co. Sarah has sinced returned to the stage and is teaching with more passion than ever after having it taken away from her. She continues to expand her knowledge by working with talented dancers from around the world.